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Players: 1-4

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Box Size: Large


Introducing Clank! By Renegade Game Studios!


Clank! is a competitive dungeon deck-building game. Players play as thieves who are challenged to sneak into an angry dragon's den and steal artifacts as silently as possible! 🤫 


If you are intrigued by medieval lore and fantasy mixed with dynamic strategy and a bit of luck, you'll love this game 😍



Each turn players draw cards from their personal deck. Some cards involve making a bit of noise, which increases your chances of getting attacked by the dragon, while others help you progress through the dungeon to find artifacts and relics, among other treasures.


Once the first player finds his/her chosen artifact/treasures and gets out of the dungeon, the rest of the players are now on a mad dash to get out alive while the dragon approaches!


It's not as easy as it sounds though! There are rooms that slow you down, and monsters who challenge you and attract the dragon's wrath!! 😬


Whether you make it out of the dungeon alive or not, at the end of the game all points are calculated from what you managed to collect, and the highest wins! 


This is such a versatile game with many different ways to score points and build your own unique deck. Fun times to be had over and over.


Enjoy! 🤓

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