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Of Knights and Ninjas (Backed on Kickstarter)

Players: 2-6

Duration: 20 minutes

Box Size: Small


Introducing Of Knights and Ninjas by Blue Fox Games, another game we picked up from Kickstarter! 😃


So Terence, (Our founder) is a HUGE fan of medieval era-style games so when this Kickstarter campaign landed on our radar it was an easy decision to back it! 🤓


I mean, come on… how cool would it be to have a shot at becoming King of a 14th Century Kingdom?! We got the chance to find out!



Of Knights and Ninjas is a strategic feudal party game for 2-6 players.


The King has declared that since he has no heir to his throne, the first player to accumulate 10 gems shall become the next ruler of the land. 


Your task - should you choose to accept - is to use the playing cards to either attack another player’s kingdom in order to claim their gems, fortify your own kingdom to save your own beloved jewels, or to play what is called a special action. That is of course if you are lucky enough to draw these cards! 😝


Be the first to successfully reach 10 gems and become the ruler you always dreamed of becoming. 😄


Of Knights and Ninjas has many different ways of earning points (which is always a good thing in our opinion). It has adorable graphics which are honestly just fun just to look at, and is a nice family friendly game when you want to keep your game nights a bit more on the PG side of things. 😜


Enjoy! 🤓

Of Knights And Ninjas.jpg
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