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Quest and Cannons (Backed on Kickstarter!)

Players: 1-6

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Box Size: Large


We would like to thank our friends at Short Hop Games for letting us play their game Quests and Cannons prior to their Kickstarter campaign.


Imagine the bountiful world you are accustomed to. A beautiful landscape chalked full of delicious food, essential resources and fresh water always at your fingertips.


Now what would you do if one day a mysterious set of islands appeared out of nowhere and just like that... all those resources suddenly disappeared 😬 To make things even stranger, these new islands were told to be overflowing with everything you and your nation depended on to survive?


In Quests and Cannons, you get the chance to be the Hero your people so badly need.



Quests and Cannons is an epic adventure board game for 1-6 players.


Players take on the role of champions from great nations, who have been sent to the islands to uncover what happened and restore glory to their now-withered homelands. 🙂


Players can take up to 3 actions on their turn: Move (1 space in either direction on the board), Gather (collect a resource from an island) or Attack (attempt to damage an opponent's ship). 😈


You may even use all your moves on 1 of the 3 actions if you wanted as well, so if you come across a space on the map which takes two actions to get across, you may do so and still have a single action left on your turn. 😃


There are multiple islands to explore and trading posts which may prove to be useful in the right time too!


Gameplay continues as players follow map clues to find mysterious artifacts, complete quests, and attack rival ships to accumulate prosperity. ✨


Be the first to collect 15 prosperity (in free-for-all mode), and you will have successfully become the ultimate champion and saved your people! 😇


We only had a chance to play the game once before passing it along to the next reviewer, but it definitely got us excited enough to back their Kickstarter and grab a finished copy!


There's still time to grab yours too! Check out @shorthopgames on Instagram to learn more 😋


Enjoy! 🤓

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