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Pixel Legends

Players: 1-4

Duration: 30-40minutes

Box Size: Small

Introducing Pixel Legends by Zafty Games.


Monsters are terrorizing a nearby town. It's time to partner up with your fellow mages to defeat them and save the day!


Well, that's what you want others to believe you're up to anyway... While others may see it as a team effort, your true intentions as a greedy wizard is to gain as much fame and glory as possible over the others! 🤪

Pixel Legends.jpg



Pixel Legends is a dungeon-crawling, deck-building game for 1-4 players.


Gameplay occurs in two phases: The Town phase & The Dungeon Phase.


The Town Phase is where players build their own unique deck of spell cards. Spell cards are turned over from the deck and players use auction cards to determine who first gets to choose which spells they will add to their deck. 😃


Each spell card also enables the player to collect a specific number of element cards to their deck as well. (Fire 🔥 Water 💧 Earth 🌎 Air 🌬️ and Shadow 👥) As soon as all players have chosen 9 spell cards, play moves to the Dungeon Phase.

In the Dungeon Phase, players use their self-built decks to challenge and defeat monsters. There are various monsters in the deck including elementals which all have specific weaknesses, so it's a great idea to be diverse in your spell collecting efforts. 😜


Each monster defeated rewards its player with fame points, which accumulate until the end of the game. Gameplay continues until the Dungeon Lord has been defeated, all other monsters are defeated, or if all players die. 😬


The player with the most fame at the end of the game (Dead or Alive!) Wins the game. 🙂


We found Pixel Legends to be quite unique in the sense that most deck building games have a variety of different attack cards which can be added to your unique deck. In this game it is only spells, which makes it an easier game to understand (and quickly teach to others!) 😉



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