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Boss Monster

Players: 2-4

Duration: 30 minutes

Box Size: Small

Boss Monster.jpg

Introducing Boss Monster by Brotherwise Games!


The second we saw this game in the store it HAD to be on our shelves 🤩 Growing up in the 90's means that any game pixel-related sticks out like a sore thumb. Look at that artwork!! 😍


Anywho... 😅 Boss monster is a dungeon building, hero tricking game of epic proportions.


Players must lure different types of adventurers into their dungeon in an attempt to kill them in one of its rooms. We really like this game because normally you (the player) would be the hero attempting to slay the boss, but in boss monster you ARE the villain 😈



Players take turns building out their dungeon with room cards. Some of these are monster rooms, while others are traps. 


Each room has a symbol on it (Spellbook 📖, Sword 🗡️ Ankh ☥ or Money Bag 💰) to lure the adventurers from the town into a specific room. 


Once the hero enters the dungeon, it takes damage depending on the number of “attack points”  each room has. If your dungeon kills the hero, you get a point. But if he/she makes it all the way to you (the boss), then you take damage! 😱


The game also include spells cards which help you lure adventurers or sabotage the other player's dungeons, and even an alternative game mode to really challenge you.


This game hits our shelves very often. The art is fascinating, card names are hilarious and the amount of different strategies to be discovered allows Boss Monster to be one of those games which never really gets boring.


Enjoy! 🤓

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