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Block Happy (Backed on Kickstarter!)

Players: 2-5

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Box Size: Small

Block Happy.jpg

Introducing Block Happy by John Ward and Sam Armes (@feelblockhappy on Instagram)


As soon as this adorable game peeked it's cute face(s) on our #kickstarter radar we simply HAD to have it in our collection. 😊


The campaign was very well crafted with easy to digest information, and its creators described it perfectly: "Daring and Different".


Friends... We could not agree more! 😃



Blockhappy is an emotional rollercoaster for 2-5 thrill-seeking individuals.


Your goal: Play with your opponent's emotions and steal their happiness. Yeah... You read that right! 😅


Players take turns using emotion cards from their hands in order to find happiness, and each card has an action which must be resolved.


In our photos example above, the blue "curious" emotion allows a player to ask another for a card. 🙂


"Do you have an Overjoyed emotion?" If yes, they must hand it over. If not, the player who asks picks up a card from the face down pile instead.


The main goal of the game is to steal all the happiness for yourself! First player to accumulate 7 "Happy" cards wins the game! 🤓


Just as advertised, this game WILL play with your emotions!! It's not as brutal as monopoly where it is friendship-breaking, but oh my did it spawn some powerfully humorous emotional moments 😋


Enjoy! 🤓

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