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The Ghosts Betwixt (Backed in Kickstarter!)

Players: 1-4

Duration: 45-90 minutes

Box Size: Large

The Ghosts Betwixt.png

Introducing The Ghosts Betwixt created by Dustin Freund and published by Innocent Traveler Games. Another received game we backed on Kickstarter. 😃


Keeping with the theme of the game, this review is going to be a two-parter! 😜


We gotta say right off the bat that we absolutely LOVE the amount of thought and detail that was put into creating this game. 🤩


We invested a good 2-3 hours simply mesmerized by the organization of the manuals, attention to detail of the many game pieces and setting up our first game. 😅



The Ghosts Betwixt is a cooperative mystery story game for 1-4 players.


Poor Richie has been snatched up and dragged into the town's haunted house attraction. It's up to you, his family member(s) to rescue him! 😱


The game comes with full mission dialogue and a step by step guides to get the game going as quickly as possible. 😋


We do have to say that it takes quite a bit of setup to dive into gameplay, so invest at least a couple hours when playing for the first time. 😁


The mission story is super intriguing too! Like a good fiction novel, it took everything in us not to read on and find out what happens. 😂


We're looking forward to diving into the gameplay. Keep an eye out for PART TWO of The Ghosts Betwixt! 😃


Coming soon! 🤓

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