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Escape the Quake

Players: 2-8

Duration: 45-90 minutes

Box Size: Large

Escape the Quake.jpg

We would like to thank our friends at Skip Becky Games for letting us play their game Escape the Quake. 😀


When we heard of the concept for this game we were instantly intrigued because we had actually JUST watched the movie San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson and not even a day later we saw a post about Escape the Quake. (It is not based on the movie, just spooky timing!!)


Escape the Quake is set in Los Angeles right after "the big one". Panic is spreading through the city as players run around in search of resources while trying to escape.



Players must search the various neighborhoods for food, water, fuel and medical supplies while attempting to avoid being robbed by other players and search parties.


Each neighborhood has its own deck of cards which may spawn a resource, a rival search party, or even cards which make the earthquake damage worse! 😱


Players can only get specific resources in certain neighborhoods and to make things even more hectic, they must also pick up a family member before they can escape the city, so moving around quickly is a must! 😅


There are even cards like "weapons" and "tnt" which players can use to help fight off other search groups, "luxuries" like toothpaste and toilet paper which can be traded instead of fighting, and cards like "didn't you forget something" which forces a player to get moved somewhere else entirely on the map!! 😨


This crazy game is a ton of fun. The encounter cards are hilarious and provide a good amount of challenge to defeat and the reactions on our fellow player's faces as we steal resources from each other is simply priceless.


Cannot wait to add this game to our shelves in 2022!! 🤩


Enjoy! 🤓

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