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Fill in the Game (Gifted!)

Players: 3-8

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Box Size: Small

Fill in the Game.jpg

We would like to thank our friends at Filling in the Game for gifting us their hilarious game. 🥰


We have all played those types of party games that get boring very quickly and boy did this team find a way to help solve that problem! 


Usually party games are for adults(+) but we really enjoy how they created this card game so it can be played with any age group or personality type. 🤩



In this game players challenge each other with various silly tasks, in which they have set times to accomplish them. 🙂


One of our favorites is the "Don't use scissors" card - a challenge where a player must pretend to be a hairdresser while telling a story about _________ in 30 seconds. 😂


One of our players told a story of how she was an escaped convict whose crime was collecting hair to use as fire starters to frame people, but she could only reveal that last little fact at the end of her story! 😅


With a ton of cards included in the game and the fact it can be played with basically any group of people, the challenges and hilarity that comes from this little game are pretty much endless.


There are even cards called game changers which throw off what you think you know of the game and gameplay! 


Fill in the game is bound to hit the table again. We may even include some videos in future posts 😜


Enjoy! 🤓

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