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Sheriff of Nottingham

Players: 3-5

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Box Size: Large

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Introducing Sheriff of Nottingham by Arcane Wonders.


The great prince is coming to Nottingham! While some townsfolk may choose to bask in the presence of royalty, others (You 😉) see his arrival as a perfect opportunity to make some extra gold by selling your goods at your merchant stand. 🤑💰



Sheriff of Nottingham is a deal-making bluffing game for 3-5 players.


Players play as merchants coming back into town with their goods to sell at the market, but the Prince & the Sheriff want to keep the cream of the crop for themselves and are blocking your path. ✋


Each turn consists of 4 phases:


  1. The market phase where players draw item cards, the load bag phase which gives players the opportunity to try and bring items and contraband into the city. 🙉


  1. The declaration phase when the players tell the sheriff what's in their bag (This is where a lot of the bluffing comes into play! 😜)


  1. The inspection phase where the players can either have their bag inspected by the sheriff, or bribe him/her to allow entry into the town without search 🤫


  1. And finally the end of round phase when the players add their items from their bag into the market stands.


The role of the sheriff rotates among the players. When it's time to be the one in charge, it's good to be cautious of which players you decide to give a hard time, or make deals with because your decisions may come right back to bite you!! 😅


As the sheriff, it is your decision to listen to the declarations of the players and choose to either allow them entry without search, or to dump out their bag and see if their words are true or deceitful. 😛


If players are caught with any item which they did not declare, it gets confiscated by the sheriff and a fine must be paid. But the same goes for the sheriff too! If the merchant player declared truthfully, the sheriff must pay up!


The game ends once all players have had a chance to be the sheriff twice. The player with the most valuable items in their market stand wins the game!


Sheriff of Nottingham is a great classic game which does not take too much time to learn & play once you get the hang of it. 🙂


Enjoy! 🤓

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