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Good Critters

Players: 4-8

Duration: 30 minutes

Box Size: Small

Good Critters.jpg

Today we sat down with Fabian Zimmermann's game Good Critters, published by Arcanewonder.


Every time we watch one of those old school gangster movies based in the 1940's, we wonder what it would be like to actually live in an old school heist movie. 💰


This game has an awesome old school gangster vibe to it. It's all about well dressed robbers arguing about splitting the loot after a major heist. 🤑🙉



Good Critters is a deal-making, treasure-splitting, strategy heist game for 4-8 players.


The characters have just pulled off the ultimate heist and are now at that uncomfortable stage of divvying up the loot. 💵


The player who owns the game is the starting boss and it is up to him/her to give out the loot as they see fit. The boss can give all the loot to one player (even themselves) if they want to!! 😝


But be careful how you split up the loot because everyone gets a chance to vote on whether they accept or deny their share!


If there are more "yes" votes than "no", the boss remains in charge for the next round, but if more players disagree with the boss's distribution methods the boss must give up power of control to someone else. 🤪


 Players may even try to rob each other, make deals, bribe another player, or pay them off to influence their vote. 🤪


The game ends once "The Fuzz" shows up when drawing from the face down loot pile. It can be a quick game, or a long one; you never know! 🙈


The player with the most valuable stash of loot in their possession when the police arrive wins the game. 😁


Definitely cannot wait to play this game with a full party of players. We can already imagine what it'll be like with 8 people playfully arguing and trying to make deals with each other! (Well... Hopefully playfully!!) 😂


Enjoy! 🤓

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