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Dungeon Drop

Players: 1-4

Duration: 20 minutes

Box Size: Small

Dungeon Drop.jpg

Introducing Dungeon Drop by Phase Shift Games!


We first saw this game on Kickstarter and unfortunately missed the cutoff date.


Luckily though we found someone who got two copies and was more than willing to help us get our hands on one to review. 🤓


We are huge fans of dungeon crawler games so we're super happy this one crossed our radar!



Dungeon Drop is a treasure-collecting, monster-avoiding game of chance for 1-4 players.


The game is made up of various colored cubes which serve as treasure, monsters and dungeon walls.


Players are dealt a random race and class card which enable you to use special abilities throughout the game, and a quest card which is a specific goal just for you. 🙂


Dungeon Drop's setup is quite unique. Each of the tiny cubes are literally dropped onto the playing surface to create a random assortment of cubes.


Each turn, players use their abilities and create rooms by forming a triangle of three gray cubes. Every cube (treasure and monster) within that triangle is then claimed.💰


Be careful though! Collected monsters damage your health, so make sure it's worth taking a hit! 😜


The game ends after three rounds. Whoever has the most valuable amount of treasure wins the game! 😁


We found the scoring of this game to be a bit too based on the luck of the drop, but the overall concept is pretty cool and we love the resourcefulness of the game box being used in the gameplay 😋


Enjoy! 🤓

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