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Players: 2-4

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Box Size: Large


Introducing Papillion by JB Howell, Whitney Rader & Kolossal Games


This game has been on the top of our list for quite some time 🥰


Tile games shout out to us like no other type of game and the beautiful artwork displayed in Papillion drew us in even more 😍



In Papillion players build gardens to attract butterflies and collect nectar.


Each round a random assortment of garden tiles are pulled from the tile bag and presented to the players. Next, players take turns selecting a row or column of tiles from the board and places them in their personal garden in front of them, ensuring the colors match up. 😊


Our personal garden is at the bottom left of the photo example above. If we were to take the last row's tile from the selection above (the one with purple and yellow), we have two choices in where to place it in our garden.


We can connect the yellow with yellow to "close" that garden, or we can connect the purple part to any of the purple sections, continuing the purple garden. 🙂


Play continues for 8 rounds while players accumulate points as their garden attracts butterflies 🦋🦋and nectar is collected.


Admittedly it took a few tries to read through the instructions & fully understand how to play, but it is definitely worth giving this game a try. 😋


Enjoy! 🤓

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