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Age of War (Gifted!)

Players: 2-4

Duration: 15-30 minutes

Box Size: Small

Introducing Age of War by Reiner Knizia & published by Fantasy Flight Games! We would like to thank @optimalhealthtrack (Instagram) for gifting us this incredible game. 🥰


The Age of War is a dice rolling game of combat and conquest based in feudal Japan. Each of the cards display a castle with a specific combination of symbols required to conquer it. If players are successful, they receive the designated points listed on the card.



Players roll custom battle-themed dice in an attempt to fill the battle lines shown on each castle card, and obtain it's point value


For example, "Kasugayama" - A purple card, has two battle lines and is worth 4 points. The first battle line has two arrows 🏹🏹, while the second has two horsemen. 🐴🐴


(This next part gets a bit tricky! 😅) 


There are 7 dice in total which must be rolled at the same time. If a player doesn't complete a battle line within their roll, they lose a die and try again.


This continues until they have either conquered the castle, or have lost all available/remaining dice. Each battle line must be filled in separately. (For example, you cannot use two horses and two arrows from the same roll to conquer Kasugayama)


Once a player conquers a castle, the next player can either try and conquer a different castle card on the table, or steal one from another player!


Once all the cards have been conquered, the game is over and points are tallied.


Even though this game suggests war and war is usually violent, rest assured dear parents of young ones, it's actually quite child friendly! 🥰👍


If you're into quick games which inspire friendly competition, requires a bit of strategy and some luck, you're going to love this game 🤩


Enjoy! 🤓

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