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Codenames (Gifted!)

Players: 2-8

Duration: 15 minutes

Box Size: Medium


Introducing Codenames by Czech Games! 


Codenames is a timed competitive game that is sure to test your creativity! There are two teams of agents only known by their code names, who are trying to avoid an assassin. 🤫


The spymaster knows the identity of them all and must try and make contact with them before the assassin discovers who they are. 👀



Players choose a spymaster to give clues to their teammates, but they may only say a single word followed by a number for their team to guess the correct amount of cards on the table.


Using a colored grid that's only seen by the spymaster(s), they must guide their team to guessing the correct words.


Let's say we were the blue team in our example. Our one-word hint would be "space" and the number "4". The team would then look through the words and make their guesses with no additional clues.


They may stop guessing at any point, or exceed 4 guesses, but the moment they guess wrong or the minute timer runs out, play moves to the other team.


The game goes back and forth between the blue and red teams, and each is able to give different clues each round.


Play continues until either all the codenames have been revealed, or if any team accidentally guesses the black name ("orange" in this case).


This classic game has hit our tables many times and always puts a smile on our faces!


Enjoy! 🤓

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