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Players: 2-4

Duration: 25 minutes

Box Size: Small


Introducing Gloom by Keith Baker and Atlas Games!


Ok we gotta say right off the bat... This game is HILARIOUS! 🤩😂


The premise is quite unique... Make your family's life as miserable as possible before killing them... But don't let that throw you off! 😁



In this super creepy storytelling game, players choose a family and are tasked with lowering the self-worth of its members before they die. 


Each of the beautifully designed transparent cards have an event associated with it which give positive or negative self-worth points.😅


Positive events increase self-worth, but here's where it gets a bit tricky... You want to play these cards on your OPPONENT'S family members to increase their self-worth, thus lowering their score. (Imaging scoring in golf. You want to be as close to zero or far in the negative as you can)


Negative events lower self-worth. These are the ones you want to play on your own family. See?! Strange right?! 🤪


Now here's the cool part:


Players can't simply play a card to change their score. They must use their imagination and creativity! 😜


Each event must be told as part of an on-going story! If another card is placed on a family member, the player who used the card must continue the previous storyline then add in the next part!


So Professor Helena Slogar was attacked by bees... But what was she doing to get attacked by those bees? Was she using the hive as a soccer ball? Or has all bee-kind banded together to give our poor Professor a hard time? That's up to you! 😜


The transparent cards are played on top of one another and whichever points are visible by the time the member dies are the points that get added to a player's final score. 


This may all sound a bit confusing, but we highly recommend giving this game a try. We get a serious “Addam’s Family” vibe when playing and it's always a different experience with unending storylines! 😎


Enjoy! 🤓

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