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Joking Hazard

Players: 3-10

Duration: 30-90 minutes

Box Size: Medium

Joking Hazard.jpg

Introducing Joking Hazard inspired by the famous Cyanide and Happiness comics!


If you have ever played Cards Against Humanity this game will automatically make sense to you. The difference in Joking Hazard is players are creating a three-panel comic strip instead of just playing cards.



Each round a player draws a black card and reads it out loud. This card then goes face up on the table as the "middle" of the joke. 


The same player then chooses a card from their own hand and places it face up for the others as either the set-up (in front of the middle of the joke) or the punchline (after the middle).


The rest of the players then play a card face down from their own hand to finish the comic and the starting player chooses a card to determine the winner after reading them. The player with the chosen winning card gets a point.


If you know Cyanide and Happiness it’s needless to say that this one is adult themed, so we couldn't show all the cards we wanted to! But oh man do we ever laugh hard when we play this game 😂


Gameplay continues until "x" amount of points is achieved. Such a great party game full of laughter and awkwardness. *Not for children!!*


Enjoy! 🤓

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