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Bad Samaritans (Backed on Kickstarter!)

Players: 3-6

Duration: 15-45 minutes

Box Size: Small


Introducing Bad Samaritans, another game we picked up from Kickstarter! 😃


You ever wonder what it would be like if the concept of superhero movies were flipped on their heads? 🤨


We're not talkin about the good guys/gals losing or dying at the end, but what if the people who came to save the day were actually villainous evil characters? 😳😅


Well, you get the chance to find out with Bad Samaritans! 🙈



Bad Samaritans is a wicked game of deceptive conflict resolution for 3-6 players.


In this game you are essentially a villain who has been called to help save the world from a variety of scenarios. 😈


Players pick an outlandish character card, each with a special ability which can be activated throughout gameplay.


Each turn, a scenario card is drawn. There are all sorts of wacky things the players must attempt to resolve like a unicorn petting zoo gone wrong, evil cell phones spying on you, and attacking orcs. 😂


The scenarios have challenge ratings which must be surpassed by using a variety of spell and power cards. Defeat the scenario and you get points, lose and you die! 😱


The game ends once a player has a sufficient amount of points, (depending on how long you want to play for).


Bad Samaritans is suggested for ages 16+ (which we definitely agree with!) Not a great game for the young ones, but if you're into raunchy humor and making terrible decisions with ill intentions give this one a try. 😝


Enjoy! 🤓

Bad Samaritans.jpg
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