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Here to Slay (Backed on Kickstarter!)

Players: 2-6

Duration: 15-45 minutes

Box Size: Medium


Introducing Here to Slay by Tee Turtle Games We Are Unstable Games, another game we picked up from Kickstarter! 😃


Cute fuzzy heroes ASSEMBLE!! 🤓


Gotta say, it wasn't difficult to envision ourselves going into battle alongside the creatures from this game. From the brilliant creative minds of Unstable Unicorns comes a medieval fantasy game of skill, sabotage, luck and of course monster slaying! 😃



Here to Slay is a strategic fantasy style card game for 2-6 players.


The goal is to assemble a party of heroes to attack and slay frightening monsters while attempting to avoid the sabotaging efforts of your opponents. 😬


After picking a party leader it's time to call forth your noble crew. Each turn allows up to three actions. You may either draw a card from the face down pile (which may contain a hero card, item card, or magic card), you may play a hero card and roll to attempt to use its ability, or attack a monster if you have the heroes with the correct classes to do so. 🤪


It sounds simple, but remember all of the other players are attempting to sacrifice or steal your heroes, use cursed items on your heroes, or a challenge card to stop you from playing anything at all! 😱


Just when you think you may have a monster defeated, any one of your opponents may play a modifier to reduce your die rolls, rendering your heroes useless as the monster fights back. 😰


There are two ways to win in this game. Either assemble a team of 6 heroes all with different class types, OR slay 3 monsters by rolling high enough on a pair of dice to defeat their challenge ratings. 🎲🎲


Overall, the gameplay was fairly quick after reading through the rules and setting up for the first time playing. We can complete a game in less than 15 minutes now and each time leaves us wanting to play more. 🥰


Enjoy! 🤓

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