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Night of the Ninja

Players: 4-11

Duration: 15-30 minutes

Box Size: Medium


Introducing Night of the Ninja by Brotherwise Games.


So the other night I was walking home from the game store, when there were loud noises coming from an alley.😳


While I quickened my pace my brain decided to de-escalate the sense of danger by activating it's imagination, and I started getting visuals of ninjas fighting each other! 😂🤷🏾‍♂️


Even though I absolutely wanted to go take a look in the alleyway, heading home was probably the safer option!


Instead of opening up the new game I had just purchased when I got home, I just HAD to open up Night of the Ninja and tell you all about it! 🤓



Night of the Ninja is a tricky game of secrecy and assassin shenanigans for 4-11 players.


In this game you take on the role of a ninja assassin in one of two ninja clans with the goal of killing the other. 😈


The challenge? You don't know which of the other ninjas are your allies & which are trying to kill you! 👀


Each round consists of discovering which house you belong to, which type of ninja you are, a night phase where assassinations (and many other things) occur, and of course the reveal of the houses where you find out who has been killed and how many of your clan members remain. 😎


Each type of ninja card has a "power" which helps you discover who your opponents are.


For example, you can view another player's house card, see or expose their ninja type, kill a target & there are even cards which act as reactions to counter what an opponent has played on you! 😜


At the end of each round, all remaining ninjas get an Honor Token with a point value on it. First player to reach 10 points wins!


We found this game to be quite unique in the amount of players which can participate. Night of the Ninja is a nice quick game which we are sure will be making another appearance soon.


And by the way yes, I DEFINITELY pictured myself as a ninja in that alleyway 😂


Enjoy! 🤓

Night Of Ninja.png
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