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The One With the Ball

Players: 2-8

Duration: 20-60 minutes

Box Size: Small


Introducing The One with the Ball from the hit series Friends.




We were out doing some household shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, when something beckoned us to those carts near the cashier with discounted items in them. Boy are we glad we listened!! 😂


If you have seen the show, you may recognize the scene above with tee and his friends. In this episode appropriately

labeled "The One with the Ball", the friends come up with a game where they cannot drop a ball. 😄


The friends play for hours, when Phoebe (one of the friends) walks in, gets the ball thrown to her and declares that she "doesn't feel like playing", before setting it down on the table, ending the game for everyone. 😅



The one with the ball is a hilarious game for 2-8 players.


The objective of the game is to pass the ball around the room without dropping it. All while performing challenges such as standing on one foot while throwing, standing in a different room or throwing with your non-dominant hand. 😉


The tricky part is most of these challenges actually stack on each other for an added layer of craziness. 😊


Players take turns revealing challenge cards in between throwing the ball to each other. Drop it too many times and you all lose! 😬


This game was SO much fun. We kept going long after we were meant to stop because we wanted to see what the challenges were. Some of our favorites can be seen above 😃


Check out this game. You won't be disappointed!


Enjoy! 🤓

TheOneWithTheBall (1).png
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