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Cities Skylines

Players: 1-4

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Box Size: Large

Cities Skylines_.jpg

Introducing Cities Skylines by Paradox Interactive & Kosmos Games!


This game is based off of the hit PC version of the same name. Lately we have been feeling nostalgic, wanting to play classic games like Super Mario Bros and Sim City for the Super Nintendo. 😁


Amazon must have been listening in because right after talking about how amazing those games were (and still are 😉), Cities Skylines showed up as something we may enjoy! 🙈


Well, we certainly did!! Keep reading. 😜




Cities Skylines is a city building game for 1-4 players.


The goal of the game is to build a flourishing prosperous city, while maintaining a healthy budget and keeping your citizens happy. 😋


Every round players choose between playing a construction card, exchanging a construction card or ending a milestone.


Each card which is played has both positive and negative effects. For example, there are more citizens when a residential building is built however they consume more water so your reserve is decreased. On the flipside, the workforce increases since there are additional people in your city. 😀


An industrial zone increases the job market, however also adds pollution which decreases population happiness. 😅


Residential, Commercial and Industrial cards have tiles which are played on the game board. While players have free reign to rotate the tiles as they desire, the tiles must remain inside the grid (not on a road or water).


Additionally, each district (area of land where buildings may be placed) may only contain one type of utility building. For example, you cannot place both a wind turbine and an oil plant in the same area. 🤗


As buildings are constructed and milestones are completed, various aspects of your city's progress are calculated.


How much pollution, traffic and crime are present? How are the power, water & garbage levels? Are your people happy & gainfully employed? 🤔


The game ends when the last milestone has been completed. All factors mentioned above are calculated to determine how successful your city has become. A city has failed if it runs out of money, if a player cannot perform any actions or if your citizens become too unhappy. 😬


We love how this game introduces the game to first time players!


Each milestone is introduced slowly so the player can effectively learn the rules and gameplay, unlike some other games where there are 10+ pages that must be read and understood before diving into it. 😳


Both the solo and co-op modes provide a good amount of enjoyment and challenge. Cities will definitely hit our table again soon!


Enjoy! 🤓

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