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Principle Dilemma (Gifted!)

Players: 2-6(+)

Duration: 30-90 minutes

Box Size: Small

Principle Dilemma.jpg

We would like to thank Joe Tarnowski for gifting us his amazing self-published game Principle Dilemma!


We gotta say, it's quite possibly one of the most unique games we have ever played. Principle Dilemma is a thought-provoking, conversation-inspiring masterpiece. It's projected game duration is 30-90mins, but we honestly played for 3 and a half hours before realizing it!! 🤣 



Players are faced with a moral dilemma and a choice of two ways to deal with it. For example:


You find a $100 bill on the ground and go to pick it up. A less fortunate individual sees you pick up money, but does not see the denomination. You didn't notice that they saw you and this is the only cash you have on you.


Do you give the money when they ask? Or keep it to yourself and lie saying you don't have money?


Once your decision is made, all the other players take turns playing a card which alters the situation. For example:


In this scenario, it's the future and inflation has caused the value of a $100 bill to equal the value of a $5 bill today. 


This would likely change a person's mind to give that bill away now as the value is much lower. If the card played against your dilemma causes you to change your mind, the player who used it gets a point. 😎


This continues until either a player reaches "x" amount of points, or you have all played "x" amount of rounds. (You decide!)


Such amazing conversations have spawned from Principle Dilemma. (Not to mention also learning a lot about the people we played with too!) 


Enjoy! 🤓

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