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Total Rickall

Players: 2-5

Duration: 30-90 minutes

Box Size: Small

Total Rickall.jpg

Introducing Total Rickall designed by Matt Hyra & published by Cryptozoic Entertainment!


It is based off the hit show Rick and Morty (Specifically the episode labelled Total Rickall) in its first season.


In the episode, alien parasites have taken over the Smith house in a disguised form of the character's memories. Once they appear, the Smith family suddenly have fond memories of them, thus believing they were there as part of the family the entire time!


The game plays off this concept where there are character cards dealt out face up on the table; all with a hidden identity card (real or parasite) underneath.



Players must use action cards to figure out which characters are real and which are parasites, with the mission of shooting the parasites. Kill too many real characters and all the players lose!


The game also has different variations, such as a version where each player also has a secret identity. They must either try and keep the real characters alive or be on the side of the parasites. Players win when the parasites (or depending on game mode-humans) have been eliminated.


All-in-all, it's a HILARIOUS game and it's even better if you watch the episode beforehand so that you would fully understand all the references and quips which are found in-game. 🤩

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