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5 Minute Dungeon

Players: 2-5

Duration: 25 minutes (5 per round)

Box Size: Large

5 Minute Dungeon.jpg

Introducing 5 Minute Dungeon by Wiggles 3D and SpinMaster!


This game is a thrilling time-based dungeon crawl. It's an amazingly chaotic game of chance and skill, where players must work together to get through a series of rooms and defeat the dungeon's boss.



The game is made up of door cards  which have hilariously titled monsters, mini-bosses, or events behind them.


Players are victorious in reaching the next door when they cumulatively play all cards which showcase the symbols in the room. (Arrow 🏹, Sword 🗡️, Shield 🛡️, Scroll 📜 or what we like to call, Ninja or Runner🏃)


Once players successfully make it beyond all the necessary doors, there is a boss at the end with its own set of symbols to be defeated!


There are 5 bosses altogether, each with an increasingly difficult number of doors to get through! Defeat the last boss and earn the (self-given) title of master dungeon crawler! 🤓


What's even more challenging is each boss's dungeon must be completed in UNDER 5 MINUTES! (Surprised? 😁) It is so wild and fun that it's one of those games that doesn't get repetitive quickly.


Enjoy! 🤓

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