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Quests of Valeria

Players: 1-5

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Box Size: Small

Quests of Valeria.jpg

Introducing Quests of Valeria by Daily Magic Games.


Every time we watch a medieval themed show or movie, the curiosity of how their guilds were created almost always comes to mind.


How does the thieves guild recruit citizens to steal from a dragon hoard? What entices a townsperson to go and defend their homeland from a giant spider queen? 😳


How do guild masters find their people? We sat down with the solo version of Quests of Valeria today to get an idea. 🤓



Quests of Valeria is a set collection, quest-completing card game for 1-5 players.


You play the role of a guild master on the lookout for citizens who are willing to embark on your quests and earn rewards.


Each turn is comprised of two of the following actions:


Hiring a townsperson, reserving a quest, completing a quest or drawing a card from the citizen deck.


Hiring a citizen and completing quests have costs associated with them. In our example, if we were to hire the Priestess under the #1 token, its cost would be to discard 1 card. The miner would cost 3, etc. After a citizen is hired the card is placed face up in front of you to act as your guild.


Each quest has specific requirements to be completed. To complete a reserved quest, the citizen card(s) which meet or exceed the requirements are discarded and the rewards for completing the quest are claimed. 😃


At the end of every turn, the quests and citizens in the tavern are refilled from the decks on the right, and a new turn begins.


In a full game (2-5 players), the game ends once a player has completed 5 quests.  In solo mode, as soon as either the quest line or citizen line is empty (with no remaining cards in their deck to replace them), the game ends.


We found Quests of Valeria to be a bit confusing to understand at first, but after investing a bit of time into the rulebook and playing a couple practice rounds, gameplay became super clear.


Looking forward to introducing this game to more players! 😋


Enjoy! 🤓

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