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Grimm Forest

Players: 2-4

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Box Size: Large

Grimm Forest_.jpg

Introducing Grimm Forest by Druid City Games!


Ever wonder what it would be like to dive into the world of Disney? To play a role as any character you saw fit? 😃


One of our favorite fables is the resilient story of the three little pigs. What would it be like to try and build those tiny little houses before the big bad wolf came to town? How would we even get all the resources needed? Could we build them quick enough? 🤔


All of our questions (and more) were answered while playing Grimm Forest. 😊



Grimm Forest iis a disney-inspired, house-building, resource-collecting strategy game for 2-4 players.


You play as one of the little pigs in a house building competition. The goal of the game is to build three complete houses quicker than your competitors! 🏘️


Using gather cards, players attempt to gather resources from The Fields (Straw), The Brickyard (Bricks) and the Forest (Wood); but successfully collecting your required resources isn't as easy as it seems. 😉


Other players may try to gather from the same area as you to reduce the amount of resources you thought you were going to collect! 😈


Or they may use fable cards to stop you from accumulating your resources altogether, or even send the big bad wolf or troll to an area to destroy all the resources before you get there! 😱


As you successfully gather and spend the resources to build your homes, familiar Disney characters show up to either help you on your quest, or slow down another player's progress! 🙉


The game ends once any player ends their turn with three complete houses built on their player map.


The two-player version includes a sneaky little prince who actually takes half the resources from an area before the players even get to decide where to go! 😅


Do you use this to your advantage and try to thwart your opponent's plans for resources? Or do you try to dodge the prince and focus on your own collection goals? Maybe both?! Totally up to you! 😜


Enjoy! 🤓

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