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Players: 2

Duration: 20-40 minutes

Box Size: Large


Introducing Stratego by Jumbo Games!


This game gave us some serious throwbacks to our younger years of playing capture the flag in the park. We all knew what our objectives were: CAPTURE THE FLAG (aaaand make it back to home base alive!!) 😝


The creators of Stratego took that simple concept and added in an awesome twist... You don't know where the flag is!! 😱



Stratego is a game of capture the flag with a war reenactment vibe for 2 players.


Each player has numerous plastic pieces with symbols on one side. These symbols include various soldiers with appropriate rankings (such as Scout, Colonel & Marshall, etc), bombs, a spy, and of course a flag.


Each turn, players move a piece of their choice with the intention of eliminating their opponent's soldiers and capturing their flag. ⛳


Each piece has a number on it, which acts as it's "power level". As a player moves their piece, they declare which opposing piece they are attacking. If your soldier is a higher number, it defeats the other, and vice versa. (Remember, your opponent's pieces are hidden!!) 😋


The game continues as pieces are eliminated from the game and the enemy flag is eventually captured! 😁


It would be awesome if there was an expansion which allowed for more players, but it's also pretty great that Stratego is a two-gamer exclusive game. (Great ones are hard to find! 😉)


Enjoy! 🤓

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