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Mr. Jack (Pocket)

Players: 2-6

Duration: 20 minutes

Box Size: Medium

Mr. Jack (Pocket).jpg

Introducing Mr. Jack (pocket) by Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc!


We gotta say the artwork is what drew us into getting this game 🤩 (We are suckers for talented art in games 😅🤫)


The fact that gameplay is restricted to two-players really intrigued us as well. Typically games are 2-4, 3-6 or even single player, but we don't come across games very often which are solely for two, so we decided to grab a copy and try it out.


In this game you are either the famed murderer Jack the Ripper hiding disguised in an alleyway, or you are the great Detective Watson trying to find the killer by repositioning the detective tokens to be in the line of sight of your suspect. 🔎



Players take turns being the detective or the killer. On the detective's turn, they toss game pieces onto the table, which contain different things they can do to help them find their suspect. 


The game pieces give you the option to move the detective tokens around to change your line of sight, rotate the tiles to open new lines of sight, or even look into a suspect tile pile to uncover a false suspect and narrow down your search.


Each beautifully crafted game tile depicts an image of a Victorian-Era alleyway with multiple ways it could lead to, and each tile is accompanied by a suspect token; any of which could be Jack the Ripper in disguise.


As gameplay goes on, the game tiles rotate, which obscure the vision of the detective and hides the killer from one of the three detective tokens.


Each round the killer remains hidden, awards him/her with a magnifying glass token (essentially one point), and if they can remain hidden for 8 rounds, they win! 😎


It took a couple read-throughs of the rules to fully grasp the gameplay, but it was totally worth grabbing this game! It is fun, simple and requires a bit of brain-power as you attempt to think ahead of your opponent.


Enjoy! 🤓

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