A brief history of Krypto-nine (Don’t worry! This is NOT another crypto-currency.)

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

It was the winter of 2014. Terence (Founder of Eruptious Games) and a few work companions embarked on a road trip from Vancouver British Columbia, to Calgary Alberta for a company conference. The first half of the 14 hour drive went as smooth as you could imagine; with lots of smiles, laughter, story-telling and of course terrible singing! They were making excellent time!

Fate however, had something else in mind.

Car troubles along the highway forced the group to call a friend for a ride in order to get to the conference on time. They made it! – However, they were also stranded in Calgary afterwards without a way to get back home.

While in the hotel room with a standard deck of cards, the group decided to play some games to get their minds off the situation for a few moments. Game after game went by rather quickly and they soon found themselves quite bored with the typical games you can play with a normal deck of cards.

Suddenly Terence came up with an idea. “Hey, let’s come with a new game!”

Over the next few hours the group tested many game theories and ways to make their new creation fun. Everyone shared a few laughs and were indeed successful in creating a distraction from their current reality. All tuckered out by the end of the evening everyone finally went to sleep. Everyone… except for Terence.

Deep in his mind he knew this wasn’t a coincidence. He knew that this was it. That pivotal moment in every entrepreneur’s life that says “Now! Take the leap now!”


He always wanted to create a game that didn’t get boring or repetitive quickly. A game which gave the sensation that it was different with each group of friends or family you could imagine. Something so versatile it could be easily understood and enjoyed by young children, teenagers and even adults.

Needless to say, Terence barely got any sleep that night. His companions awoke the next morning to find Terence excitedly scratching notes onto little pieces of hotel lobby notepads. Dozens of pages long; completely full of Rules, Victory Card Ideas, Gameplay Ideas, Artwork and even ways to get it into as many hands as possible!

This was no longer just a silly made-up game that was created out of boredom. Within a few hours, this young entrepreneur’s dream became real. Within a few hours, a clear goal was manifested.

When the group got back to Vancouver, Terence wouldn’t let the opportunity pass by. He reached out to his friends on Facebook with a single post:

“Hey everyone! I created a completely new card game and I need some help making it real!! If anyone would like to pre-purchase a deck, I’ll give you the first expansion for free as soon as they come out!”

To his surprise, over 50 people pre-purchased a deck within 2 weeks and with the proceeds, the first ever Krypto-nine prototype was born.”

“Over the next year, Terence fine-tuned the rules and gameplay and even developed a first expansion for the game before the public really knew about base game at all. It took 8 additional months of saving from his “day-job” to place an order. He was fully-invested. All in!!

With an order placed for 300 decks of the base game and 150 decks of the expansion, Terence began booking tables at street fairs and setting up booths in parks. Copies of Krypto-nine sold out like hot cakes!

Within just a few months of casual face-to-face testing and playing, Krypto-nine was practically sold out! Not only did people love it, but they signed up to get notified when further expansions and products came out! The test was a success; people want Krypto-nine to happen!! So now for the next step.

We are proud to announce that after an uncountable amount of hours of play-testing and collecting/applying your feedback, the game is finally complete and ready to spice up your game nights!

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