Let the Kickstarter journey begin!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

One of the company’s core values is in helping others achieve their goals. When it comes to supporting new game designers, there is seldom better place to find them than on

Kickstarter is a great way to introduce new concepts into the world. When an entrepreneur or company creates a campaign page, they give the world the opportunity to back them financially with reward tiers. The tiers vary from campaign to campaign, with rewards given to backers, given the campaign successfully reaches its funding goal within the timeframe. (Typically 30-45 days)

Since becoming a backer in late 2019 Eruptious Games has backed more than 28 successful projects with nearly 40 supported projects in total, earning their title of Super Backer. It makes the company proud to see so many innovative creators with aspirations to add their visions to our wonderful gaming community!

While we do not back every Kickstarter campaign we come across, we encourage all aspiring game inventors to forward their campaign pages to us.

Whether we can help with a game review prior to your game’s launch, pledge on your campaign or simply share a post on our social media pages, we would love to help get your creations into the world!”

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