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Players: 1-6

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Box Size: Medium

Ok so we had WAY too much fun playing Sub Terra by Tim Pinder! (So much so that we actually received a noise complaint! 🙉)


You are a caver trapped underground and your task is to navigate the seemingly unending tunnels to escape with your life!


Not only is your flashlight running out of energy, there are unknown horrors down here to worry about. 


Can you escape?




Players take turns flipping over tiles from a face down stack to add to the windy cave path and try to find the exit.. A tile can be placed in an appropriate spot next to the start tile, as long as it allows the tunnel to continue moving forward.


The tile will either be a piece which moves the trail along with no danger, which we would’ve LOVED to get a few more of at the start! 😂… OR they’ll have gas, earthquakes, floods or Horrors. We couldn’t get away fast enough!


Each character's player board has a unique ability which helps them survive longer; and when playing with more people, each ability compliments one another.


With the vast amount of possibilities in the random tile draws, SubTerra’s gameplay always seems to change each time we play. It is a ridiculously fun and dynamic game with even more beautiful colors and graphics. Come on… LOOK AT THOSE TILES! 😍🤩😍


Make it out alive and you win. We’re going to keep trying!


Enjoy! 🤓

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