Age of War

March 24, 2020


Quick synopsis

We would like to thank our friends at @optimalhealthtrack on Instagram for gifting us this incredible game! 🥰

The Age of War is a dice rolling game for 2-6 players based in feudal Japan 🏯by #reinerknizia.

Each of the cards display a castle with a specific combination of symbols required to conquer it. If players are successful, they receive the designated points listed on the card.

(More in gameplay!)



Players roll custom battle-themed dice to attempt to fill the battle lines shown on each castle card, and obtain it's point value. (For example, "Kasugayama" - A purple card, has two battle lines and is worth 4 points. The first battle line has two arrows 🏹🏹, while the second has two horsemen 🐴🐴)

There are 7 dice in total which must be rolled at the same time. If a player doesn't complete a battle line within their roll, they lose a die and try again.🙂 This continues until they have either conquered the castle, or lost all available/remaining dice

Once a player conquers a castle, the next player can either try and conquer a different castle card on the table, or steal one from another player. 😈 Even though this game suggests war and war is usually violent, rest assured dear parents of young ones, it's actually quite child friendly! 🥰👍

Overall, if you're into quick games which inspire friendly competition, requires a bit of strategy and some luck, you're going to love this game 🤩

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