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Our Story

In the heart of a bustling city of Vancouver Canada, the city that never seemed to sleep, there lived a solitary visionary named Terence Barrington.


Terence's life was consumed by his unrelenting passion for board games, card games, and the exhilaration of strategic play. Every evening, he'd return from work excited to open up yet another beautifully crafted masterpiece.


He'd frequently invite his companions to his game room. A fortress completely surrounded by shelves crammed with board games of all kinds, a stack of well-worn decks of cards, and a curious fascination for numbers and puzzles; where countless memories were cemented into history.


Even on days he found himself solo, Terence easily entertained himself with single player versions or by developing his own games. One night, while he was deeply engrossed in a particularly challenging solo game, an epiphany struck him...


What if he could share his gaming adventures and his passion for tabletop games with the world? With newfound determination, he channeled all his creative energy into a singular vision.


Terence became the storyteller, crafting immersive narratives for his games. He became the artist, designing captivating boards and card illustrations. The rulesmith, engineering meticulously balanced game mechanics; and the marketer, reaching out to fellow enthusiasts.

Thus began his journey to establish his own tabletop game company, centered around his first game, "Krypto-Nine."

Terence invested his heart and soul, tirelessly fine-tuning his creation through countless iterations and feedback from the public. Finally, after months of unwavering dedication, Krypto-Nine emerged as a unique fusion of numerical prowess and strategic thinking, captivating gamers worldwide.

The first edition of Krypto-Nine swiftly captured the hearts of players, immersing them in a world of numerical enigmas and engaging challenges. He sold hundreds of copies of his game, mostly to complete strangers who just loved his game.


With high interest and demand for more copies of the game to be printed, Terence shifted his focus to create what is soon to become a household brand name; Eruptious Games.


EG quickly grew in popularity in its first 2 years. Terence found himself at gaming conventions, sharing his passion and his game with a thriving community of fellow board game and card game aficionados. Even more, Eruptious Games has also had the pleasure of working with many extremely talented individuals including Carlos Lemus; the company's Creative Director, and mastermind behind the company's lovable mascot Tee.


Over the years,  Eruptious Games' creations found their way into countless homes, kindling friendships, sparking intellectual curiosity, and inspiring unforgettable game nights all over the world. What began as a solitary dream has blossomed into a flourishing tabletop game company, a testament to the power of relentless dedication and the boundless potential of tabletop gaming.

With Krypto-nine's (2nd Edition) now available to the public and selling almost daily, Terence and the team at Eruptious Games Headquarters have expanded their repertoire, creating content for the well-known TTRPG, Dungeons and Dragons, and even hosts play sessions for all types of players.

The legacy of Eruptious Games continues to this day, with Terence Barrington at the helm, forging new gaming adventures and steadfastly committed to bringing the joy of board games and card games to the community.

Meet The Team




Founder & CEO

Editor in Chief

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Graphic Designer

Assistant Manager




Creative Director

Editor in Chief

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Lead Strategist

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Sales Manager

Art Director

We're building our team!

The Eruptious Games family has lots of room to expand and grow.

We're not trying to build a gaming empire or the next worldwide social media platform, but who knows what the future holds!

We don't need to see a resume or qualifications. If you have a passion for both online and offline gaming and embrace a desire to use your skillsets to help others have a great time, we would love to meet you and see if we'd be a good fit for you. 


To apply, send in your cover letter (Resumes are welcome, but not necessary), and include list of your top 5 favorite tabletop games with reasons why they’re in your top 5.


In your cover letter, let us know a bit about you and both how you believe you can add value to the team & how the company can help you grow.


We look forward to chatting with you!

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